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06/07/2019 gnupg cannot connect to keyserver docker error troubleshooting
06/07/2019 Security hardware key on Github with Firefox howto firefox U2F SoloKeys security FIDO U2F 2FA
06/05/2019 PowerShell and MQTT powershell code mqtt iot
11/03/2018 Setup your own Firefox Sync Server with Docker docker howto network cloud
10/31/2018 Overlapping subnetworks or how to change Docker default subnet size? docker howto error troubleshooting network
08/25/2018 Git Server on Synology NAS git synology howto
05/13/2018 Push a multi architecture image to Docker Hub docker howto
05/11/2018 Capture output from command line tools with PowerShell powershell code process
05/10/2018 Check group membership with PowerShell powershell code
05/05/2018 HM-Sec-SCo Umbau auf externen Schalter / Reedkontakt homematic diy home automation
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